a beautiful journey

The moment a woman becomes a mother, she steps into her power, birthing not only life but a symphony of resilience and grace.

Motherhood, it’s a sacred journey that tells a story of unwavering love yet, sometimes, untold sacrifices. She nurtures souls and fosters dreams, her spirit an endless wellspring of compassion and wisdom.

This year, let us honor the beauty of motherhood.



How do you dream of being photographed? During your style & design consultation, we will plan every detail of your dream photoshoot.


Our hair and makeup artist will pamper you for your day! You'll kick off your photoshoot experience with professional artistry.


Your dream photoshoot! Your custom photoshoot will include wardrobe changes and a variety of looks. I will guide you and pose you through the whole experience!


PORTRAIT OF YOUR CHOICE - You will get one portrait of your choice in print & digital format.

ORDERING SESSION - Guided session of your images to select your complimentary print and the opportunity to purchase more images & products.

BE FEATURED - Share your story and images on our blog and social media to empower other mothers!

ACCESS TO OUR VIP GROUP - Join our VIP group to gain access to be with a community of like-mined women who strive to empower one another each day!



Honor yourself and look back at these cherished moments with your children.
Celebrate this season of your life.

about the photographer

Marie Sales

Hey, I’m Marie! I’m a Pittsburgh, PA based photographer.

As a mother, I can completely understand how our lives change! Our hearts become more full with love for our beautiful children. 

As a daughter who away from her family, I cherish the moments with my family and the matriarchs of my own family.

As mothers, we can oftentimes put ourselves on the back burner or stay “behind-the-scenes”, when truly, we should be seen in all the moments with our family.

I want mothers, whether your children a still young or they’re grown, to take this time to celebrate themselves and their journey of motherhood. 

I invite you to be photographed with your children, for portraits to be cherished for a lifetime.

Let’s create portraits to adorn your walls and be passed on for generations.

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