Meet Nina!

In a world that often glorifies youth, it’s essential to remember that life and beauty get better with age. The wisdom, experience, and the journey we embark on throughout the years culminate in a unique kind of beauty, one that transcends the superficial and radiates from within. Today, we have the privilege of introducing you to Nina, a remarkable woman who embodies this very concept. She graced our studio not just to feel like a supermodel, but to revel in the magnificence of her journey and to embrace the profound sense of elegance that comes with aging gracefully.

She decided to come in for a photoshoot not merely to capture her outer beauty but to celebrate the extraordinary journey that led her to this moment. Nina’s goal was to feel as classy and chic as any supermodel, while being enveloped in a sense of pride for all she has achieved in life.

In a society that tends to focus on youth, Nina’s decision to appreciate where she is in life is a powerful reminder that every age and stage has its unique allure.

Let us embark on this journey together, as we delve into the beauty of aging, embrace our stories, and draw inspiration from women like Nina, who remind us that life gets richer and more beautiful with each passing day.

Q&A’s with Nina

Who are you as an individual?

I am fundamentally just a nice open minded person that recognizes life is a journey and for everyone regardless of race religion age, life has a lot of ups and downs. I would like to think that despite my fair share of having the ups and downs of life that I am someone who is strong and hopeful and continues to try to see the positive and fun sides life and chooses to appreciate the blessings given to me and try to live life and have my journey on this earth translate into leaving it all a little better than I when started.

How did you life change after turning 40?

I mean I’ll admit I kind of succumbed to the uggh I’m forty mentality and have struggled with it a bit in the sense of just feeling older. But I think I’m in a place where I’m financially more independent than before, a bit more comfortable in my skin, and more reflective on life and the blessings that have been bestowed on me and try to adopt more of an attitude of gratitude for being at this point in my life and the experiences I’ve had up until this point.

If you could tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

That everything you worried about career wise would be okay and that you really were beautiful then.

What advice would you give to other women about life?

That honestly life is hard no matter what so be kind to yourself first and foremost and in turn hopefully that internal kindness will translate into kindness as well to others. I think for women too women really should work on building each other up – the tribe that could be created by doing so is more powerful than anything else.

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