Pittsburgh Senior Photos with Peyton

I’m so excited to share my recent senior session with Peyton at North Park! Peyton was my first Senior of the 2017 season. Peyton’s mom and I used to work together years ago and when she reached out to me for his photos, I was stoked. While I hadn’t met Peyton yet, I knew our session was going to be a blast. We discussed ideas beforehand, so on the day of his session I had a plan to get some great Pittsburgh senior photos.

We met at North Park in one of their open fields. We started with a few semi-casual shots, then since Peyton plays football at Pine Richland high school, we did a bunch of shots of him in his uniform. I asked Peyton to put on his game face and man, did he ever! He opened up once we did a bunch of fun football shots and it was pretty cool to hear about how awesome their team is.

The sun held out for us all afternoon (yay!) which gave us some amazing golden hour shots at the end of his session.

Wishing you the best in your senior year Peyton!

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